Industrial steel construction.

From prefabrication right through to final assembly

With up-to-the-minute metalworking machines, we are able to carry out any size of project, anywhere in Europe, from prefabrication right through to final assembly – at the best possible terms for you.

At our branch in Šabac (Serbia) we maintain a workshop area of 6000 m² on a 20,000 m² site. Naturally we are equipped with the most modern metal processing machines such as computer-controlled plate shears, mechanical press brakes, bending machines, water-jet cutting machines, laser-cutting machines or heavy surface cranes.


With this level of capacity we are able to pre-fabricate large-dimensioned steel structures, transport them to any site required throughout the world and install them there using our team of professional fitters.

For less complicated projects we have another workshop in Buchkirchen (Austria). Our fully-qualified personnel turn out products with the highest level of quality at this site as well.


Make use of our potential:

Workshop at Šabac:

  • Manufacture of pipelines to DN 1000 and assembly in Belgium
  • Manufacture of stainless steel tanks (50m³) for dairies
  • Manufacture and assembly of filter installations for exhaust gas cleaning
  • Manufacture and assembly of belt transporters for a steel works in Austria
  • Manufacture and assembly of piplines and supports for GDK-Mellach power station in Austria.

Workshop at Buchkirchen:

  • Manufacture of secondary steel structures for Timelkam power station
  • Manufacture and assembly of scaffolding structures at Simmering power station
  • Manufacture of primary and secondary pipe supports for diverse snow making equipment in Austria
  • Manufacture of steel containers for bio-diesel plants in England and Australia

As a flexible manufacturing partner we supply highest quality in short time.