Welding training school

Welding training school:

Our school is an accredited and approved TÜV welding training centre. During our three-month training programme skilled personnel acquire not only practical and theoretical knowledge, but also the ability to use technical processes in practice on their own responsibility.

Training at the highest level

Our trainers have a very profound technical knowledge and many years experience in plant and pipe construction. They are therefore perfectly placed to prepare future specialists for assignments abroad. At the end of this TÜV welding training employees are awarded the respective TÜV certificate according to ISO 9606. – This is also the authorisation for welding specialists to work on our construction sites throughout Europe.

Our employees and their training are the basis of our success.

Training programm:

  • Material science,
  • Mechanical engineering,
  • Welding procedures and processes

In practice:
  • Welding positions: vertical, horizontal, vertically upward welded joint, overhead, diagonal, vertically downward welded joint
  • Pipe wall thickness: up to 120 mm
  • Materials: hot- and high-temperature steels; non-rusting, chemical resistant, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant steels; unalloyed, low-alloyed and alloyed steels; steels based on nickel, cast welding
  • Welding processes: electric arc, gas shielded, UP, gas, flux cored and plasma welding

Are you interested in our welding training school?

Please send your written application to the headmaster:

Miroljub Marković
Tel. +381 / 15 / 303 200